Complete Protection Package


Removes the excess amount if an accident, damage or theft occurs

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Complete Protection Package is designed to provide the best cover available on top of the basic cover.

By taking the Complete Protection Package, you are lowering the excess to zero! This is available to all cars in Finland whether there is a scrape, crash or the vehicle gets stolen. We picked 5 key questions to keep the information simple and to the point. We understand how difficult car rental can be and it is our goal to change this and make it transparent and easy to understand.

What is Complete Protection Package?

Complete Protection Package provides the complete peace of mind. In the event of any damage or theft, it reduces your financial liability to zero. Without this cover, the driver would be liable for the damage up to the excess amount of that car group (regardless of the reason).

How can I purchase Complete Protection Package?

Complete Protection Package is available to purchase at the rental station upon pick up and not online. The price and service is only available on rentals inside Finland.

How much does Complete Protection Package cost?

Complete Protection Package includes all of our different cover options. Please find the prices on the table below:

Prices are charged per day up to 10 days per month. These prices only apply for rentals inside Finland and prices, availability and details on other countries may vary. Please contact our reservations team for further details.

 Car Group A, B, C, L, I

D, M, O

J, H, F, N, P, E, G





Includes - Super Collision Damage Waiver, Super Theft Protection, Tyre Cover, Windscreen Cover, Roadside Safety Net, and Super Personal Accident Insurance.

Where is Complete Protection Package available?

Complete Protection Package is available across Finland. Prices, availability and details on other countries may vary.

If you have any further questions about the Complete Protection Package, please do not hesitate to either call our reservations team on 010 436 2300 or email reservations(at) We are happy to help you!

How much is the excess?

Please find the excess amounts on each car group from the table below:

Car Group Excess* Excess with Complete Protection Package*
A, B, C, L, I 1200€ 0€
D, M, O 1800€ 0€
J, H, F, N, P, E, G 2400€ 0€

 *Only in rentals inside of Finland.