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We know that hiring a car can be confusing, especially when thinking about how you are covered. That is why we aim to give you an easy-to-understand explanation of all the covers already included in every rental inside Finland.

Basic cover

When you hire a vehicle from Budget, the price you pay automatically includes a basic level of cover. Basic cover includes damage cover and theft cover. With basic cover the excess varies by the car group from 1200€ to 4000€. In addition to damage cover and theft cover the basic cover includes third party cover at rentals in Finland.

If you want to reduce your excess to 0€ or reduce your excess significanltly, please select one of the following cover packages.

Additional cover packages

You can reduce the excess that you’d have to pay towards repairs or replacement of the vehicle significantly, or even completely, by adding cover packages to your booking.

You can book cover packages by phone through our call centre or when you pick up your car at rental location.

Cover packages:

Super damage and theft cover
With this cover package the excess for passanger cars is 0€ if your vehicle is damaged or stolen. The excess for vans is reduced to 400€. Super damage and theft cover costs in Finland 15€ / 18€ /21€ per day depending of the car class. 

Complete protection package
Wirh this cover package the excess for passanger cars is 0€. The excess for vans is reduced to 400€. Complete protection package costs in Finland 19€ / 21€ /35€ per day depending of the car class. Complete protection package includes Super damage and Theft cover plus Roadside Safety Net.

Excess amounts in Finland

Car Group Excess Excess with cover package
A, B, C, L, I, N 1200€ 0€
D,O, P 1800€ 0€
H, F, G, E, M 2400€ 0€
J, vans 4000€ 400€


Other additional covers

Windscreen cover
This covers the windscreen cracks or rock chips. Please note that this covers only the windcreen, not other glasses. The cost for windscreen cover is 5 € per day.

Personal Accident Insurance
You may already be covered with your own travel insurance, but if not Avis Personal Accident Insurance can provide you with additional cover following an accident, including emergency medical care, transportation, lost luggage and cover for unexpected costs. 

Roadside Safety Net (RSN)
Roadside Safety Net provides free support for breakdown assistance or common mishaps like flat batteries and locked-in keys.

You are covered for common problems like

  • Tyre assistance
  • Flat battery
  • Locked out of car
  • Out of fuel

Roadside safety net is available for 4€ per day until 10 days per month. Roeadside safety net is also included in Complete Protection Package.